Commercial properties need to keep their grounds looking good throughout the spring, summer, and into the fall. This includes apartment buildings, business parks, shopping centers, and other sites. A gas station bordered by a nice flower bed is always more inviting.  Colorful flowers, shrubs, and trees perk up any business building.

Commercial landscaping services keep grounds surrounding businesses in good condition. Strategic Grounds Management landscapes and provides maintenance for your commercial property throughout the year. This includes planting trees and shrubs along with keeping grounds well-groomed.

Spring Checklist

Consider the following list to keep your commercial buildings in good condition after the snow melts:

  • All grounds should be clean and free of hazards.
  • Remove any potential problems that can lead to mold or algae growth.
  • Fill in potholes on grounds and walkways. 
  • Provide a welcoming appearance.

Debris leftover from winter and springtime storms should be removed. New trees may need to be planted to replace ones that did not survive the winter. Mud puddles need to be cleared and grass may need replacing. The lawn probably needs mowing and it should be fertilized.

The building’s flower beds may have daffodils, tulips, and other bulbs that need to be replaced with summer flowers by late spring.

Complete Service

We believe in complete service at Strategic Grounds. This includes a thorough cleaning of parking areas and walkways. All pathways into and around a building must be cleared of all debris that can be hazardous to tenants and visitors. Pressure washing keeps all hard surfaces clean.

At the same time, pathways should be inviting with borders of flowers and shrubs that are well-maintained. Keeping hedges trimmed and edged along with flower beds is part of the job. Mulching flower beds, trees, and shrubs will keep them healthy.

Trees must also be trimmed to remove dead branches that are unattractive and can be hazardous. Dead trees must be carefully removed and inspected for a disease if necessary.

Irrigation is another issue. Sprinkler systems must be clean and maintained to efficiently water lawns, trees, and shrubs without wasting water. Walkways should remain dry while sprinklers irrigate the flower beds and lawns.

Seasonal annual flowers add summer color to any area. We maintain these plantings and replace them with fall colors at the end of summer. We will also keep grounds clean when trees shed their leaves throughout the summer and fall seasons.

Multiple Locations

Many businesses have more than one location that needs landscape maintenance services. This includes fast-food franchises, restaurants, banks, and service stations along with medical buildings and clinics. We will contract with you to maintain all of your commercial buildings.

Our landscape maintenance technicians work outdoors and keep the necessary physical distance for the health and safety of everyone. We want to make spring, summer, and fall a pleasant time for people even though we must remain vigilant to prevent the spread of disease.

Contact us about the landscaping and maintenance for your commercial properties.  We create a complete landscape and maintenance plan that covers all requirements to keep your building’s grounds beautiful.