Social distancing is a critical practice that is necessary to protect the wellbeing and health of the public during the ongoing pandemic, However, this situation presents a challenge for businesses to effectively address interest in their services and products. If you have been thinking about buying commercial solar panels and are concerned that you will have to put your plans on hold, The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has released a list of best practices to protect customers and businesses during this time while still enabling energy independence initiatives to continue.  Solar Optimum is following the SEIA’s recommendations to ensure you can move forward with your commercial solar panel financing and installation without any delay. With innovative approaches such as contactless consultations, you will be able to meet with us and discuss the entire process including financing and installation. Here is how Solar Optimum is continuing to be a top commercial solar panel provider and deliver legendary service during this period of social distancing.

Commercial Solar Panel Financing Through Contactless Consultation

We are known for helping customers to maximize energy savings while keeping their budget in mind, and you can be confident that our financing options and expert guidance on qualifying for programs and rebates will help you to achieve your goal of installing solar panels. Solar Optimum is among the first solar panel companies in California to adopt the SEIA recommendation to use contactless consultations, so you can enjoy the opportunity to discuss  financing options with our staff from the comfort of your own space.  Video consultations via Zoom allow us to adhere to social distancing while also enjoying a comprehensive discussion about solar panel installation and financing with you. You will be excited to find that you can still achieve your solar energy goals, including the selection of the best financing plan for you, in this current environment.

Safety is Our Focus 

Solar Optimum’s professionals are following procedures that will protect everyone while they complete installations during this time. Important practices such as regular hand washing, using personal protective equipment, and maintaining at least a six-foot distance between both crew members and employees and customers ensure that your solar panels are installed in a safe manner. The comfort and health of our customers is our top priority, and we have incorporated extensive practices so you will feel confident and assured during the entire process.

Solar Optimum’s Expertise and Experience

Solar Optimum has been able to provide hundreds of commercial customers with solar panel installations that meet their needs and harness the energy of the sun to thrive. Our experts oversee the project from start to finish, and you can be confident that your unique installation will comply with State and Federal codes. As a Premium EPC company, we excel in Engineering, Procurement and Construction, and this distinction has helped us to be recognized as one of the top solar contractors in the United States by Solar Power Magazine. Your investment in solar power will help your organization to become energy independent while also reducing financial overhead costs.

If you are looking into commercial solar panel installation, Solar Optimum is available during regular business hours. You can contact us by calling 818-745-1494 or complete a contact request form on our website to schedule your contactless consultation today. We are looking forward to discussing your specific needs, including financing options, so you can begin the journey towards energy independence.