Baja California is a state located in northern Mexico, on the border with the United States and is, in fact, one of the most famous places of this country, due to this proximity and specifically to the city of Tijuana, which most North Americans attend to spend a weekend or even family vacations, or young people simply to go out to party.

However, it is not only the city of Tijuana that characterizes the state of Baja California, one of the main things that we can say that characterizes this place is that it has been the cradle of certain types of businesses, which undoubtedly owe a Part of their success is the fact that they are located in this state, and this is what we will talk about next. 

For this, we will start by talking about what is the most famous city in this state, the city of Tijuana, this city is characterized by business, many people may think that what characterizes it is tourism and although in a certain part they are right, The reality is that what attracts this type of tourism is business, and that is that the city of Tijuana, by itself, does not have any natural attraction, more than the beaches of Tijuana, although in reality this beach is not exactly a beach. For tourists, because what also characterizes it are the businesses that are located on the boardwalk and in the areas near the restaurant.

The main businesses that make this city so famous are mainly restaurants, cafes, bars and dental clinics. Restaurants are one of its main attractions since most people go to the city of Tijuana to spend time with their family and friends and this they enjoy doing in places like restaurants, cafes and bars. Bars are an attraction for young Americans who enjoy partying and all they want is a place to have a good time. On the other hand, dental clinics are a fairly famous business, because here the prices of dental treatments are much lower than they are in other places like the United States, so many people prefer to make the trip to the city, to save money. in treatments like dental implants in Tijuana

The municipality of Rosarito is another of the most famous in Baja California and this one does have a tourist beach, it is quite well known because it is here that many Americans want to spend their spring break. Despite this, Rosarito is still a quiet place, which allows different types of businesses to coexist and be successful. Retirement homes for the elderly are a quite fruitful business in this area, assisted living in Rosarito México, bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants are the type of businesses that are successful in this municipality. 

And really, this is something that happens in general with the entire state of Baja California, in addition to maquilas and large companies, the main types of businesses that are successful are those that are intended for the enjoyment of people, or for tourism We can say that these are the main things that characterize such an emblematic place as the state of Baja California.