Whether you live in the city or in the country, life is full of probabilities and risks, and these risks of a tragedy occurring translate into potential investments of large sums of money in, for example, medical treatment or mechanical repairs for vehicles, and the latter is the case of auto insurance, since it allows reducing the costs of repairs or, if it is the case, of buying a new vehicle if the insured in question is a total loss.

What is auto insurance and why is it important?

Auto insurance is a contract between a person and an insurance company in which the latter agrees to assume part or all of the costs of repairing or replacing an automobile in the event that the insured vehicle is involved in an accident, stolen, or destroyed. In exchange, the person who contracts the insurance pays a sum of money periodically to maintain such insurance.

Car insurance, logically, varies in price according to the company offering it and the risks it covers. Certainly, the greater the risks covered by the insurance, the greater the amount of money you have to pay to insure your vehicle, and although it may seem an unnecessary expense, it is better to be safe than sorry. In Mexican car insurance, for example, there are a lot of options for this.

Buying car insurance, more than a banality, seems more and more necessary every day since there is no one who can guarantee that, when we leave our car or, while we leave it parked, it will be stolen or someone will crash into it, causing from a scratch to a serious dent, meaning a lot of money in repairs.

Mexican insurance is especially good because in that country there are many insurance companies, several of them have car insurance plans, which cover a good amount of risks, at a totally affordable price.

Comprehensive auto insurance

There are multiple auto insurance plans in Mexico. However, the most prominent type of insurance is comprehensive insurance, which, as its name indicates, covers such a large amount of risks that it can be considered to cover all risks. In the case of automobiles, all-risk insurance covers accidents, theft, flat tires, fire, among many others.

There are even multiple companies that offer comprehensive insurance that go hand in hand with health care for those who may be harmed by traffic accidents or injured in the middle of the theft of an insured vehicle.

For example, in Tijuana, it is possible to see that there are insurance companies that cover dental expenses, because in a traffic accident there is a possibility that our teeth may be affected, from a fracture to even teeth being lost due to a blow too hard, in which case, dentist in Tijuana will take care of the dental implant at a lower cost or without a cost because the insurance covers these expenses.

Certainly, comprehensive insurance is not exactly the cheapest insurance out there. However, due to the wide variety of companies offering auto insurance in Mexico, everyone can find out all the options and choose the most favorable one.