When most people around the country contemplate Los Angeles, they think of Hollywood movies and their stars, beaches, world-class shopping, and resort living. However, local residents tend to think of one thing: the dreadful traffic that makes Dante’s ninth circle of inferno look like Happy Hour at the Montage. 

According to a 2019 report by ‘Curbed’, Los Angeles is in the top five most congested cities in America for traffic. It also has one of the top accident rates in the country, according to multiple resources from insurance companies. When it comes to personal injury lawyers in LA that specialize in car accidents, the competition is fierce, and this can make it all the more difficult for accident victims to find the right attorney. This article is intended to help LA County residents locate the best car accident lawyer Los Angeles has to offer, and why they should lawyer up as opposed to settling with the insurance companies. 


Why People Settle through Car Insurance Companies

Unfortunately, many people in Los Angeles county as well as the rest of California are under the impression that a car accident lawyer is too expensive and that by settling through the insurance companies they will save thousands in lawyer fees. These same people also believe insurance companies when they say that the compensation they offer is based on certain laws that attorneys must follow. However, the reality of the matter is that insurance companies distort facts to devalue claims. By taking the quick and easy approach to getting compensation, victims often leave thousands and even millions of dollars on the table that is rightfully theirs according to the law. 


The Data doesn’t Lie

We already talked about why people make the mistake of foregoing their right to a car accident lawyer who instead listens to the insurance companies and gets sucked into their web. There is a very good reason why insurance companies aggressively pursue people injured by their customer’s negligence and try to get them to settle right away. According to national data shared by auto insurance companies, more than 90 percent of people who lawyer up with the best car accident lawyer Los Angeles has to offer gets an average of more than 50 percent of what the insurance company was offering, as well as all medical bills paid. 


Find the Best Car Accident Lawyer Los Angeles Offers, and Live Life to the Fullest

When you work with the best car accident lawyer Los Angeles offers, your path to getting back to a life of normalcy looks brighter. First of all, the best personal injury lawyers put the focus on your recovery, and this means the type and quality of healthcare you receive. Just as getting the highest possible compensation is important, so too is your health. An attorney will monitor your healthcare and make sure all medical bills get paid through your claim. In addition, the best attorneys only collect their fee after you win your case, and after that fee is paid you still get significantly more money than any payout offered through an insurance company. 

Protect your rights; research the best car accident lawyer Los Angeles has to offer and have a free consultation to learn your rights, options, and what your case might be worth.