We are Legion Food Trucks! We are Food Truck Builders, and our portfolio includes major brands such as Burger King, the Coca-Cola Company, Jack in the Box, and Warner Bros. Entertainment. Legion Food Trucks stand out from the rest of the industry because we  are a one-stop shop for all things “food truck.” Starting at $80K, we cover all  the details from beginning to end. We handle all legal documents to register with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) and other permits necessary to operate your food truck. Again, this is a great advantage because you get an all-in-one-solution. You also get the most for your investment, especially because we are the “Mercedes of food trucks!” 

We Are Your Food Truck Builders

Legion Food Trucks is not like your local car dealership. As your food truck builders, we make sure you get the vehicle you have in mind—even if you are initially unsure of what that is. Legion mechanics and electricians can turn almost any truck, van, or bus into your very own custom food truck. We also have logo and brand designers on site to market your cuisine to the right target customer base. Ever since 2013, the demand for food truck builders has risen 2.4 percent with the average mobile kitchen earning $300K per year. Food trucks are not just for hipsters or construction workers anymore—though if you are a hipster or a construction worker, your money is as good as anyone else’s! Since most Americans eat on the go, or have narrow 30-minute lunch breaks, more and more people of all demographics are finding food trucks a quick but delicious choice. In fact, some food trucks offer cuisine options that are not otherwise available in the area. Crêpes and pierogi, anyone?! 

Your Custom Food Truck

With a Legion Food Trucks vehicle, you may define custom fab as either “custom fabrication” or “custom fabulous!” Yes, we are just like those custom chopper guys out in Orange County, but we are food truck builders right here in LA! Even if your business is not in California, we love our out-of-state customers nationwide and ship anywhere in the continental U.S. With our team of graphic designers, you will find the right logo and vinyl wrap for your food truck. We offer many vehicles of many sizes, from a small electric gem, an enclosed trailer, to a mammoth 20ft truck. But the fun does not stop there! Legion Food Trucks also provides options for various cooking devices, refrigerators, broilers, freezers, and extras such as LED screens, digital menus, sound systems, alarms, and even Wi-Fi. This is what we mean when we say that Legion is the “Mercedes of food trucks!” Our vehicles are not only high performance, but they also look good in action. As your one-stop shop for your food truck needs, we make sure you leave our lot with a street-legal vehicle ready to make some culinary profits. We have our own repair workers, so we keep your food truck going long after you make your first cool half-mil. Contact us.